Premium Technology Talents Outsourcing

Our Managed Services focus is to recruit, embed and manage quality technology professionals with the right skills & expertise that enable organizations to continue rapidly developing their products and innovate. This enables our customers to focus their efforts on growing their business, managing costs and increasing revenues.


If you are looking to outsource a multi-discipline talent acquisition program, our bespoke Human Capital solutions are proven to advance product development, increase speed to market, reduce costs, improve compliance, and streamline business processes.


AlphaTeam achieves this through a combined global market and deep industry knowledge, our employee management programs that drive excellence, recruitment expertise, employee development, retention program and excellent customer partnerships.


AlphaTeam offers a variety of technology professionals, rapid establishment & deployment of quality technology teams and a variety of technical expertise (e.g. development environments, development methodologies, software development life cycle) in different market areas (e.g. Telecom, High-Tech, and Military).