Establishing R&D Centers & Innovation Labs

Alpha Team typically works with C-Suite executives to advise, plan and build an R&D Center from scratch or to develop and grow an existing one.


AlphaTeam’s R&D Center Development services enable organizations to rapidly obtain new knowledge relevant to their business’ needs, which can eventually result in improved products & processes, and boost their sales and revenues.


AlphaTeam also provides Organizational Consulting services to help support our customers’ R&D change agenda. We devise programs that can help you grow and develop, that can enable a significant improvement of business operations. We work with our customers to develop a strategic plan that includes your short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals & objectives.


Our organizational consulting advice is based on our experience and a deep understanding of our customers’ industry structures and dynamics.


Whether you have a shortage of manpower, lack the necessary internal expertise, need to reduce costs or get a product to market fast then AlphaTeam can help:


  • We can establish a new R&D Center or further develop an existing one, recruit the best-fit team, and work with them to make it a success
  • We undertake the design, development and manufacture of products based on your requirements utilizing advanced development & testing methodologies
  • We help you select the right technology according to your needs & the end application as well as helping you assess, select and integrate the optimal development methodologies. This enables you to rapidly launch a fully functioning and effective development center that starts producing quality products on schedule, within budget, and with the ability to adapt and evolve to future requirements
  • We plan out and help you understand the potential risks and calculate the potential scenarios to mitigate the risk
  • We will guide your system engineers and developers with architecture, design, project/program management issues to ensure a smooth transition and development process
  • We will manage the development team and provide support for exploring new areas of activity.