Our People - Our Stars

We invest heavily in identifying and recruiting high-quality and professional people as our screening processes are extremely efficient.



Employee Well-being

We provide our employees with a significant wellbeing program. AlphaTeam employees enjoy great conditions in all areas of their working life, as we believe it is important to the overall success of our business.


In addition to good remuneration packages, we give rewards for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, births and outstanding achievements, by providing our employees with gift certificates for various sporting and recreational events.


We also utilize our company’s size and provide attractive deals for various insurance packages, automobile related expenses, commercial benefits and more.



Ongoing Feedback

All our employees undertake an in-depth bi-annual review and feedback process that enables both the employee and AlphaTeam to ensure the success and content of all concerned. It allows us to identify how to further motivate, train and increase the productivity of our employees.



Employee Attrition

We have retained 97% of our employees, which proves that our heavy investment in our employees is effective and creates a real “Win-Win” situation for us, our employees and our customers.


Approximately 60% of our people have arrived through internal referrals, which doesn’t only enable us to bring good and quality people, but has also helped us build a reputation of a great place to work.